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The slips are another vital area on a cricket field. There are actually 4 main fielding positions within the slips: 1 st slip, 2 nd slip, 3 rd slip and 4th slip. However, not all of these positions need to be used at the same time! Slip fielders will usually set their position based on where the wicket keeper is standing.

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Here, we take a look at all fielding positions names and explanation on the placement of each position: 1. Wicket-Keeper: This fielding position is present behind the stumps at the batting end of the pitch. There is only one wicket-keeper in the playing XI and is a crucial fielding position in cricket.

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Names of cricket fielding positions: 1: Wicketkeeper. 2: The Slips. 3: Gully. 4: Short leg. 5: Point. 6: Cover. 7: Mid-On. 8: Long on. 9: Long off Sign in Join Athletes

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A cricket side is made up of 11 players, including a captain, a wicketkeeper and several batsman and bowlers. When their side is not batting, each is considered a fielder. It is up to each side how many bowlers and batsmen are in their team, but ideally there needs to be a good balance of both. The captain – the most responsible position in the side. The captain usually has a say in the selection of the team.

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Almost all the positions in cricket can be divided into on and off positions. The ‘On’ position is towards the right side of the batsman when viewed towards the bowler’s end. Similarly, the ‘Off’ side refers to the positions on the left side of the batsman. Slips: The fielders standing behind the batsman at an angle are called the slips.

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List of Cricket Player Positions. Listed below are the 11 player positions in the sport of cricket, accompanied by the number they are most commonly associated with. #1: wicketkeeper #2: slip #3: gully #4: point #5: cover #6: third man #7: fine leg #8: mid-wicket #9: mid-off #10: square leg #11: captain

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Types of cricket fielding position in cricket. 1. Wicket-Keeper:– The wicket-keeper is the most important field position. Because the ball reaches towards the wicketkeeper maximum number of times in comparison with any other fielder.

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How Did Positions on the Cricket Field Get Their Names? The words ‘on’ and ‘off’ originate from the offside and near side of a horse or carriage, the ‘offside’ being the opposite side, which a driver walks or rider mounts. The origin of the word ‘slips’ is hinted at in an early description of the long stop, who “is required to cover many slips from the bat”.